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Kookie Baker

Kookie Baker is just a simple country gal trying to make it in the big city! Born and raised on the banks of lower Bayou Lafourche, she spent her childhood summers on a shrimpin’ boat along the Louisiana coast. Later she went off to college to study culinary arts, traveling to Italy and France to get some good learn’ about cooking! She earned her Bachelor of Culinary Arts and opened a catering company in 2006.

Kookie also worked in a night club on Bourbon Street for 2 years where she entertaind visitors with her whit and banter. She also has created her own line of narcissistic merchandise, which you can order and view on her online store. Somewhat of an overachiever, she recently became an ordained minister, so you can go ahead and add that to her ever growing resume!

Kookie Baker’s life is like a bowl of gumbo, filled with a little bit of everything with a spicy kick at the end. She always keeps herself busy, and you never know what she will come up with next…

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